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07 February 2011

Smash Frenzy 4 Delux

First, aliens entered our dimension and kidnapped thousands of men and women. Then, in a whirlwind of ingenuity, the brightest minds on Earth came together and created a secret weapon that could return any object it touches to its home planet. Finally, they chose you to rescue the abducted. So strap into your starship, transport the weapon across space and launch it at the objects placed before you! If your aim is good, then you ll return a hero. Powerups will emerge from smashed items, interactive objects will keep you on your toes and explosive 3D visuals will amaze you right up to the end. Don t miss Smash Frenzy 4, the greatest Arkanoid adventure ever created!

Game Features

* Four fantastical worlds
* Destructible 3D scenery.
* Realistic physics
* Each level has its own storyline

Smash Frenzy 4 Delux | 49 Mb