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08 February 2011

Fashion Boutique

Help an up-and-coming designer turn around a failing business in this fantastic frenzy of fun. Maya's love of fashion and fresh ideas is just what Fashion Boutique needs to
save a series of failing stores Join Maya on her quest to keep everyone who comes to Fashion Boutique looking their best! Assist each customer that comes in on their search for the latest fashions in a variety of stores in cities across the United States. Compliment the ladies, flirt with the men, and maybe even add a few more items to each order and watch your sales soar in level after level of fast-paced fun. Unique and colorful, try Fashion Boutique on for size today!

Game features:
5 different stores of 10 stages each
12 fun customer types
Weekend activities that affect the character's attributes and gameplay
Branching comic story depending on the player's actions
Dress up mini game
Easy-going soundtrack and a wide variety of sounds and voice-overs.

Fashion Boutique | 32 Mb