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31 January 2011

Millennium 3 - CryWolf

The sequel to Millennium 2 and third episode in the award-winning Millennium series is scheduled for late October.
Fans of the saga will be happy to know more warriors will join Marine in her quest. As usual, the game will feature 40 quests, loads of secret rooms and 8 new Animal Kings to challenge.

The Millennium series has been acclaimed by players and reviewers alike and is one of Aldorlea's flagship saga.


* More than 12 *playable* characters
* 4 different difficulty modes
* Choice of visible or invisible monsters
* Opt to have a guided path or not, through arrows which will point you which way to go
* 40 quests, 32 secret rooms and… not 8, but 11 new Animal Kings!

Millennium 3 - CryWolf | 138.96 Mb