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30 January 2011

Indiana Jones And The Fate of Atlantis

The Man With The Hat Is Back In His Greatest Adventure Yet!
1939,The eve of World War II. Nazi agents are about to get their hands on a weapon more dangerous than the atom bomb. Only Indy can stop them before they unleash the deadly secret that sank Atlantis.

* Point 'n’ click your way through fistfights, puzzles, balloon rides, car chases and Indy one-liners.
* Explore over 200 spectacular locations.
* Hear LucasArts' exclusive iMUSE create a musical score that follows your every move.
* Play and replay, three unique challenging paths to vanquish the Reich.
* Voice acting.

System Requirements:
o OS: Windows XP or Vista
o Processor: Any 2002 era PC or better
o Memory: 32 MB RAM
o Graphics: 2 MB - PCI Graphics Card
o DirectX®: Required for sound
o Hard Drive: 155 MB
o Sound: 16-bit sound card


Game+Manual+Walkthrough, 68 MB