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29 October 2013

Tales of Lagoona 2: Peril at Poseidon Park

Welcome back to the undersea world of Lagoona! Poseidon Park is in trouble. Mayor Peabody has shut it down until repairs are made, and Leona is desperate to save her grandparent's park. Join a quirky cast of characters as you set out on another Hidden Object journey in Lagoona! Take quests from the townsfolk, solve over 160 puzzles, and discover fascinating secrets of the seas, as you explore beautiful Poseidon Park.

Gorgeous HD visuals!
All new quest system!
Collect food to feed your sea ponies


this new version fixes issues as reported in the forums: crashing/freezeing etc, if you had an issue with this game, this upddate fixes it!

File size : 253MB
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Zulu's Zoo

Go on safari to your favorite wild animal park in Zulu's Zoo, a hidden object showcase where running a zoo is not only part of the fun, it's also educational!
A million dollar grant is up for grabs to the best-operated zoo in the country and four different zoos are in the running to win it. Zulu's heart belongs to one zoo in particular so she is going to try anything and everything to make sure that her favorite wins. The problem is, she is completely new to this and hardly knows a thing about operating a zoo! With some guidance from other zoo employees and your help however, she can quickly work her way up and win that prize. Help Zulu in her rehab efforts to get the zoo into top shape and impress the judges! Find and feed the animals, clean up the habitats, take pictures to inventory the animals, and do much more as you explore a wide range of exotic sceneries. Besides the fun you experience working with your favorite animals, there are also amazing facts to learn about them and exciting mini-games to test your knowledge. By paying attention and participating in on the fun, Zulu can be the Zoo Director in no time at all!

• Play more than 60 challenging rounds
• Fully animated scenes with wonderful animals
• Special Zoo tests to prove your knowledge and move up
• Challenge four extra mini-games for more fun
• Learn amazing facts about the animals

File size : 140MB
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23 October 2013

Hunters Grimm [FINAL]

 For Sarai and Nicholas Grimm, life is simple: find the monsters, beat the monsters, take the money, frosty chocolate milkshakes and boring old research books for all. But one night, one favour to a friend has set them on a path neither can predict. An attempt at a selfless act has them branded outlaws, hunted by an old rival, and trying to understand just what is happening alongside their personal hero. What awaits them is the beginning of an adventure neither of them are prepared for.

File size : 271MB
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